ABC 1233 Portrait Prize 2014

-Maitland Regional Art Gallery  25 Sept - 7 Dec 2014

Awarded:Highly Commended

ABC 1233 Portrait Prize- Highly Commended "Feet Found"

"Feet Found"


Each day Nanki leaves the comfort of her kitchen to take on the world, a world in which she masters her spiritual, personal, professional, and social realms. Not bound to her sanctuary, she temporarily leaves its warmth behind, forever moving forward, forever blurring yet maintaining the line between her worlds. Wearing a traditional scarf, a chunni, a symbol of her modesty, yet completely in her control, she strives through her days, content, strong and full of grace.




SHE: True Stories 2014 

-Lovett Gallery  14 Feb - 22 March 2014

Awarded:Photo Prize


Rubi, Newcastle, October 2013. Photo: Natalie Testorelli.

Rubi, Newcastle, October 2013. Photo: Natalie Testorelli.

SHE: True Stories 2014Photo Prize "Rubi"

Rubi By Natalie Testorelli, Newcastle–

When thinking of who inspires me each and every day, I thought of my beautiful mum, then my grandmother and other women that have been part of my life, then I looked to my gorgeous daughter, who although only 23 months old, has inspired me beyond all my dreams. Rubi is my only child and the first Australian born in my side of my immediate family. In the very little time we have had together so far, she has rekindled a love for the things that tend to go amiss in our busy lives. Her innocence, joie-de- vivre, belly laughs and pure love remind me of all those amazing feelings that once made me smile as a kid. Rubi has taught me to see the world anew, to listen out for the bird’s song, to search for the moon and count the stars, to follow the lizard ratting around the garden, feel the garden sprinkler cool my skin, taste my mouth. She has inspired me to live anew and being a Novocastrian she has opened up a new world living in a new city that has such amazing things to offer. I love you Rubi, you are love.

she: true stories celebrates exhibition launch and prizes

Moya Talty (right), subject of Jude Conway's entry 'Radio Pioneer a Honey', chats with Karen Eastwood, author of 'Primavera' at the she: true stories launch event February 14 at the Lovett Gallery. Photo: Katrina Gulbrandsen.

Moya Talty (right), subject of Jude Conway’s entry ‘Radio Pioneer a Honey’, chats with Karen Eastwood, author of ‘Primavera’ at the she: true stories launch event February 14 at the Lovett Gallery. Photo: Katrina Gulbrandsen.

The exhibition for she: true stories, ordinary and extraordinary, a YWCA Hunter Region Newcastle community portrait project, opened February 14 at the Lovett Gallery. We were thrilled to have so many friends and contributors in attendance to help us celebrate the women at the heart of the project!

The program consisted of welcome and thanks from project architect and manager Alissa Coons; greetings from Jenny Baldwin of YWCA Hunter Region, Carol Edwards of Newcastle Region Library, and Karen Crofts of Hunter Writers Centre (project partners); prize awards from the story and photo competition; readings by finalists Sarah Lason, Ann Blackwell, and Anthony Wood; music by singer Skye Harrison; and an appearance by the Waratah Girls’ Choir.

It is a great pleasure to share so many beautiful tributes to and photographs of inspirational women as a part of the exhibition. The project could not have happened without the time and talents of many people, and we are grateful for everyone who has joined with us to make she: true stories a reality.

To the writers and photographers who have submitted work to the competition, thank you. We would not be here without your outstanding contributions.

To the women who inspired the writers and photographers—our deepest thanks!

Thanks to Newcastle Region Library. We could not have asked for better a better venue for the exhibition.

Thanks to everyone who came out for writing and photo workshops, and our wonderful instructors: Simone Darcy, Kaz Delaney and Karen Crofts from Hunter Writers Centre–and thanks also to Newcastle Council’s Make Your Place program for providing support for the workshops.

Thanks to Carol Duncan and Nick Gerber from ABC 1233 for their support for the project and beautiful story recordings.

Thanks to Jim Kellar and Ross Melville at the Herald for the amazing support, including publishing entries by five of our competition finalists.

Thanks to the volunteers who developed the project, and designed assembled the exhibition, especially: Bronwyn Greive, Anna Bowie, Katrina Gulbrandsen, and Rebecca Derkenne.

Thanks also to our competition judges and prize donors. Our judges included Jenny Baldwin, Karen Crofts, Carol Edmonds, and photographer Xanthe Alys, of What Xanthe Saw.

A photo print voucher from Pro-Am Colour Laboratories was awarded to Natalie Testorelli for her photo, Rubi.